Easy Protein Freezer Pops

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  • Keto
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  • Dairy
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  • Nut-free
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Quick and easy for the summer

Easy Protein Freezer Pops

Want a healthy alternative to high-sugar, low-nutrient popsicles and ice cream? Here are two ways of making easy freezer pops for the whole family!


  • Your flavored protein powder of choice
  • Water/milk/cream/almond milk/dairy or coconut cream...

Method Number 1: Plain and Simple

Shake or blend up a batch of your favorite protein powder with either water or milk. Pour it into popsicle molds, and toss them in the freezer overnight. Presto! By the morning you'll have a guilt-free treat!

Method Number 2: Fancy Schmantzy

Plain protein pops are nice, but they don't quite measure up to the ice cream you are used to eating. Try replacing the water or milk with dairy or coconut cream. You can also try blending fruit like strawberries or bananas into the mix. These produce a thick, luscious ice cream pop! And for serious decadence, try chocolate protein powder blended with coconut cream for a smooth chocolatey experience.


  • Plain protein pops deliver high protein, low fat and carbs
  • Pops made with milk have more carbs
  • Pops made with dairy or coconut cream will have higher fat
  • Pops made with fruit will have higher carbs


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